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Friday, April 13, 2012


Translated to Chinese By: Korea Version Mischievous Kiss
Translated to English By: reena29shadow
Edited By: ChaBori204


Seems like I'm getting use to live together with this kid after a month, no, or should I say I have already gotten used to the trouble that she caused me? Ke Ke!

Because of school, the chances of us meeting increased. One day I was rushing to the toilet because of stomachache, but could only listen to her singing behind the door. Couldn't help but wonder what was she doing in there, didn't want to come out? Really...

So, from today onwards, I wake up early than her to use the bathroom first. This is really irritating!

Why is her toothbrush place together with mine? Even Eun Jo feels discontented about it.

Because I heard about placing toothbrush together will cause a very weird feeling in the past, it's making me feel strange now.

This kid who was waving her hand saying “Hello!” Don't even know our home address. If I act as if I didn't know, and not greeting, definetely will have to listen to my Mom's nag. If I didn't go to school with her, I will have to hear my Mom's nag. If I came back and not walking with her through that dark street, all I will have to listen to is my Mom's nag. Because of this kid, I have to listen to all the nagging that I don't have to in the past, does she know it?! Miss Trouble Oh Ha Ni!

Sound of her bickering with Eun Jo, the noise of they were running up and down the stairs, the voice of hers chatting with Mom, because of all these noises, my home is in a mess. But Ha Ni's various voice makes me pricks up my ears.

Is that so? Since when this kid starts to feel like a family?

The moment that I know it was this kid that was fooling around with me, I couldn't help but pinched her face. The moment that I pinched her, I felt a little panic. I don't easily make body contact with others, but why was I able to stretch out my hand so naturally this time?

Seems like the start of accepting Eun Jo's joke? While screaming in agony, her expression turned ugly, but at this one moment, I actually think that she's a little cute.

Pu”...afraid that I would laugh, I quickly turned away to block myself from her, and at this very moment I realized our hearts got nearer again!

Feels as if the cool autumn wind was blowing.

When I decided to piggyback Oh Ha Ni, this Bong Joon Gu got to do it first. Don't know why but I feel a little angry. I definetely didn't have plans to piggyback her. No matter what, I still think that Ha Ni, who mess up my life is very irritating.

The moment when I saw the two of them hugging together when they won the tug of war;

What is this? What is this situation?
My heart hurts a little. Why? Heart felt as if it's being tied up by something. Like the moment with thunder in the summer sky, mood turned grey out of sudden. This had nothing to do with me at all!

That was the first time, working hard for something. While looking at Bong Joon Gu who was screaming on top of his lung caused of his anger, my mood couldn't help but turned better. This pumpkin head Oh Ha Ni who passed me the baton. Although she still doesn't make sense, but heart is still the same. Why does it make me feel so good?

Recently, when we meet each other but act as if we didn't see, I don't know why but it feels like something is holding tight to my heart.

Ha Ni who had hurt her leg walked into the living room, flushed, doing all her best in everything. Although there's nothing that she done well.

Mom only went to school and that made her so happy. Smiling and saying that she feels very fortunate, makes me think about the lonely days that she been through growing up without a mother. This makes my heart hurts all of sudden. Before I got to know her, how did she live her life?

Bi Bi, Bong Bong..” She waved her hands, shaking her butt, dancing but why is this kid so cute?

In the morning, when she's wearing Bong Bong outfit, sweating all over but still cheering for others. No matter what, she will also do her best, makes me start to feel that she's cute. The moment that I didn't even notice, my heart went one step ahead.

Very cute!” but my heart was once again taken control over by my rational side and I said “Go downstairs to help out!” although I wanted to ask her to get some rest because of her leg, but another part of me asked her to go help Mom out. “If you don't want to live off our house!

Thank God, she didn't realize. It melted a little, my frozen heart.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I love so much this diary thank you for the post
    누룰 차보리 said...
    thank you for loving it^^gonna update it till the last episode;)
    j.H. Hyunnie said...
    Always smile while I read all :) thank you for it

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